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You have a voice.  Let it be heard.


We wish podcasting was as easy as speaking into a microphone and pushing SEND.  But there are a ton of elements that go into a podcast - including a LOT of your time.  In order to do it the right way - with professional sounding audio, meaningful content, impactful marketing, global distribution, detailed metadata and quality search optimization - you need help.  So allow Cast Ahead to join your team so you can focus on telling your story to the world.  We will cater your plan based upon your needs, so reach out today!




We begin here.  Our initial consultation call will be an all-encompassing determination of where you currently stand and what you want to accomplish.  Whether you are a brand new podcaster with some initial thoughts, or a long-time stalwart of the industry that just needs some fresh ideas and a marketing push - we'll work together to determine your needs during our first call and set the levels going forward.  We stay in tune with all the most current and effective podcasting information and trends, so depending on your needs Cast Ahead will deliver a package designed for your podcast and be with you every step of the way.

Your first 30 minute call is free.  Please contact us to schedule your free consultation today!  We look forward to bringing your stories to the world.



  • Establish Your Specific Needs
  • Gameplan Catered To YOU
  • Full Transparency
  • No Surprises: only what you need



Your voice is your most important asset to your podcast.  You have a great concept, but you need to flesh it out...  brainstorm...  ideate...  run it by someone.  Run it by us!  We have a true passion for inspiring creatives and then putting together the elements to make that vision a reality.  How often should you be putting out podcasts?  How long should they be?  What about theme music?  Cool looking cover art!  Once you have some raw recordings, you realize that you need to edit the audio.  Uh oh...  too many "uh's?"  How many times can one person say 'like' on a podcast?  Whoops!  How come my 'P's' are popping and making my voice sound distorted?  We will work with you prior to your podcasting sessions to ensure your settings are properly adjusted based on your current setup, and troubleshoot through any issues you may come across.  Do you want us to edit your podcast for you and make it sound as professional as any of the other big podcasts?  Need us to write up some copy to ensure your metadata and podcast description looks good and is properly suited for people to find it?  No problem - we have years of Audio Engineering experience in both music and podcasting and can offer packages that suit your needs.  We can't wait to hear how good you're going to sound!  (We bet you can't either) 

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  • Podcast Recording & Editing
  • Release Planning
  • Collaboration
  • Impactful & Functional Copy
  • Media Kit Development



Do all the different podcast equipment options have your head spinning and your bank account dwindling?  We are constantly researching, testing and recommending mics, mixers, DAWs, cables and accessories to be able to suggest the best gear that fits within your budget.  During our initial consultation, we'll make a determination of your needs - then put together a curated list of equipment that suits your podcast and level.  But we don't stop there - if you have trouble setting the gear up, need some tips or want to test things out with us - we'll be available to troubleshoot through your issues or just share any tips and tricks to get the most out of your setup.

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  • Affordable Quality Curated To Your Specific Needs
  • Information to assist in garnering the best
  • equipment within your budget
  • Training


What good is a podcast if it isn't available everywhere?  If people cannot find it on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Stitcher or the other major podcast providers then you are just talking to yourself!  Did you also know that there are hundreds of other worldwide podcast directories, applications and cool ways to distribute your podcast that hosting providers don't even bother with?  We do!  We want to ensure that wherever there's a spot for a podcast - you're in it.  Give us a shout for your FREE initial consultation today!

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  • Finding The Best Host for Global Podcast Distribution
  • Hundreds of Podcast Directories
  • Metadata & Delivery Management
  • Smart Speaker Distribution
  • Connected TV App Development 



OK, your podcast is everywhere across the world - but how do you let people know about it?  Cast Ahead is well versed in many aspects of Digital Marketing:  Websites, SEO Optimization, Email, Organic & Paid Social Media, Content Curation, Affiliate Marketing, Display, Video & Mobile Advertising.  After we get you launched, let's discuss your needs so we can put together an effective Digital Marketing Plan catered to your podcast.  Together let's increase your visibility, downloads, streams, subscribers and fans!

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  • Full Scale Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Tools & Scheduling
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Physical Branding & Podcast Interview/Guest Coordination